In vitro experiments

From Jan. 20th to 22nd CBmed hosted Prof. Chow from National Cancer Center Singapore as well as Dr. Yun from AvataMed Singapore. Main topic was future the collaboration related to Drug Screening for Precision Oncology Services which is planned to be installed at CBmed in Graz in 2020.

Kick off Meeting – Project 2.21



On 27.11.2019, the team of project 2.21 arranged its official kick-off meeting! The multidisciplinary team of researchers and partners aims to develop and validate new small-molecule based imaging probes targeting the immune checkpoint axis PD-1/PD-L1 using PET. Hence, novel imaging derived biomarkers, which might be of major importance in several cancer entities, are expected within this project, lead by Wolfgang Wadsak in Vienna. Infrastructure as well as scientific expertise are jointly mobilized between CBmed, the scientific partners, Medical University and University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, and the company partners, ITM (Munich, Germany) and SOFIE Bioscience (Los Angeles, USA).

We want to thank all participants for their active contribution to a very fruitful meeting. We are looking forward to constant progress, an inspiring cooperation and rewarding research outcomes. We’ll keep you updated!

CBmed delegation visits partners in South Korea

From 15-Nov-2019 a CBmed delegation was visiting the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul. Together with one of its funding agencies, the SFG and their CEO Mag. Ludwig, our delegation had joint discussions with Prof. Nam. Do-Hyun Nam, a leading expert in drug screening of cancer patients, gave insights into the facilities at Samsung Medical Center. Moreover, an exclusive background media coverage with Austrian press representatives took place. CBmed is looking forward to partner for drug screening in cancer, aiming to bring the newest cutting edge technologies to Austria.

SHIMADZU 7th Global Pharma Summit 2019 | Singapore

CBmed was invited from Shimadzu Headquarters to participate to their 7th Global Pharma summit in Singapore. Thomas Pieber along with other experts from industry and academia was representing CBmed at the final panel discussion.


CBmed and Roche have signed large cooperation contracts for personalized medicine

On July 31, 2019, Roche Austria (Pharma) and Roche Diagnostics partnered with CBmed. The companies will be involved as partners in 2 COMET-funded projects.

International co-development for precision oncology

On 27.06.2019, CBmed GmbH and Aimed Bio Inc. joined hands in the field of precision oncology. Do-Hyun Nam (CEO and founder of Aimed Bio) and Robert Lobnig signed a Memorandum of Understanding that sets the stage for a long-term collaboration starting end of 2019 based on a COMET funded project in the cancer area. The research work of Dr. Nam, developed originally at Samsung Medical Center in Seoul in the Republic of Korea led to the spin-off of Aimed Bio. Together with research activities in Singapore on Hepatocellular Carcinoma, this covers an outstanding history related to personalized drug screening in precision oncology. Together with CBmed, both partners aim for combining their individual expertise into next generation precision oncology services with dedicated drug screening of cancer patients.


New Consortium Members

As of 24th June 2019, Roche Austria GmbH and Roche Diagnostic GmbH have joined the CBmed consortium. Within the second COMET funding period, the new partners will be involved in 2 projects in the field of cancer treatment. Just recently, Roche has launched its NAVIFY Tumor Board solution, enforcing data driven applications within the clinical setting. Together with Roche, CBmed will have the opportunity to build on previous successes of the first funding period, including advancing of natural language processing together with clinical phenotyping and its inhouse FUSION technology with a strong focus on cross-platform data integration.

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