CBmed is proud of its most valuable resource – our team of inspired and dedicated people. People with different backgrounds, people with different expertise, people in different stages of their careers and people with different tasks. We are all working together, enthusiastically sharing our common goal: to develop solutions and products for patient care and cure. This drives our research. This is our passion. Our results are not only visible in scientific publications. We moreover create value for translating solutions together with our partners, towards applications in future clinical practice.

Gender Equality Plan

CBmed is committed to integrate gender equality and build the structures to guarantee equal opportunities in every process of the company. The best possible development of the personnel is the major resource for the international success in the field of precision medicine. CBmed ́s Gender Equality Plan is an important part of the center’s overall strategy and is directly considered by all organizational boards. CBmed is committed to integrate gender-specific aspects in its workflow, starting from general aspects of gender distribution in medical research to specific clinical and research related gender/sex aspects. Accessibility and the active gender balance in research is an important issue as well as in drug trials for different reasons, such as study design disadvantages for participants of childbearing potential. The center ́s gender equality plan in accordance with the European Commission Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025 and is an important part of the center’s overall strategy and has become part of the company culture. It is published on the company website.  Additionally, all employees  can access the gender equality plan and the compliance guidelines via the CBmed intranet and will be informed on the progress in bi-annual employee events.


Advanced Medical Biomarker Research

The AMBRA PhD program provides a unique PhD Program for challenging interrelated research topics and a training program focusing on translational topics between medicine, health care and industry to highly talented and well-educated students. The scientific concept includes all stages of strategic medical biomarker development ranging from the identification of new biomarkers to the validation and finally to translational research that will bring candidate biomarkers into clinical practice. AMBRA has a clear focus on the most common diseases that pose a major health threat to individuals and to the public such as cancer, metabolic, fertility and cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune as well as inflammatory, brain and ageing-related disorders.

Formally, AMBRA is an interdisciplinary thesis program in accordance with §4 of the PhD program curriculum at the Medical University of Graz.

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