CBmed is a pioneering clinical and biomedical research center, with a strong emphasis on advancing translational medicine. CBmed effectively bridges the gap between scientific discoveries and patient care by seamlessly integrating world-class research infrastructure, scientific expertise, medical knowledge, and national and international industry partnerships. This innovative approach has positioned CBmed at the forefront of precision medicine, shaping therapeutic approaches beyond traditional one-size-fits-all models.

Founded in 2014, CBmed has established itself as a leading institution for patient-oriented biomarker research in medicine by connecting researchers with prominent pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical technology, and IT companies.

The core strength of CBmed lies in combining excellent research infrastructure with strong links to the biobanks, including Europe’s largest biobank – Biobank Graz, and the European Biobank Network BBMRI-ERIC. These connections enhance the center’s ability to identify new biomarkers, validate biomarker candidates, and conduct translational biomarker research for clinical application.

CBmed’s cutting-edge technologies provide high-quality analyses on a multi-platform level, offering a comprehensive approach to biomarker discovery. CBmed’s Fusion Technology combines with digital biomarkers for a more in-depth understanding of biomarker research. The integration of data from different sources and multiomics platforms contributes to the creation of synergistic value towards translational application and clinical decision support.

CBmed’s expertise in multiomics research, combined with Total Quality Management and multi-site sample logistics using a Lab Information and Management System (LIMS) for data locking, ensures meticulous documentation of all lab processes. This comprehensive approach, from sample tracking to report generation and storage, reflects CBmed’s commitment to precision, personalization, and quality in healthcare research.

CBmed’s revolutionary drug screening platform utilizes patient-derived tumor spheroids to determine the efficacy of therapeutic agents in each individual patient. This pioneering approach enables CBmed to provide personalized treatment strategies, positions CBmed at the forefront of precision medicine. Moreover, our platform benefits industry partners who are able to test the effectiveness of their drug candidates and expedite their drug development processes.

CBmed stands at the forefront of biomarker research, leveraging its unique position and collaborations to drive innovations that have a direct impact on patient care and cure.

The CBmed shareholders are the Medical Universities of Graz (43.5%) and Vienna (20%) followed by the University of Graz (9.5%), University of Technology Graz (9.5%), Joanneum Research Graz (12.5%) and the Austrian Institute of Technology Vienna (5%).


Our vision is to enable applied precision medicine, driven by scientific excellence and global partnerships for patient care and cure.

This is achieved by integrating cutting-edge technologies with international and interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of cancer and microbiome research. Together with our scientific and industry partners, we develop solutions and products for patient care and cure.




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  • Identifying new biomarkers

  • Validating potential biomarkers

  • Conducting translational biomarker research

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CBmed Projects aim to develop easily applicable, targeted, minimally invasive biomarkers for better diagnosis, better therapy monitoring and a more personalized treatment of patients.

Chief Scientific Officer » Thomas Pieber
Chief Financial Officer » Robert Lobnig
General Manager Precision Medicine Technologies  » Barbara Prietl
General Manager Basic Research and Development » Wolfgang Wadsak
General Manager Translational Precision Medicine » Vanessa Stadlbauer-Köllner
Director Business Development » April Jaucian-Oswald
Director IT and Data Strategy » Laurin Herbsthofer
Director Human Resources » Angela Jacan
Director Finance & Controlling » Elke Pacher
Director Purchasing & Total Quality Management» Isabell Dolznig

CBmed GmbH Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine

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