In vitro experiments

In vitro cultivation of gut microbiomes

  • Stability reached after 48h
  • >90% of OTUs retained
  • >90% of genera with >1% abundance retained
  • stable for 120h (and beyond)
  • highly reproducible results
  • Total quality control (LIMS)
  • Full control of temperature, pH, oxygen, cell growth
  • Fully anaerobic workflow

in vitro gut barrier model

Measurement of transepithelia resistance with a Voltohmmeter and a Ussing chamber and morphological assessment of cell-cell connections

  • Caco2 based model
  • TEER (Voltohmmeter and Ussing chamber)
  • Transwell cultures
  • variety of readouts: cytokine production in supernatant, cellular gene and protein expression, visualization with immunofluorescence
  • assessment of ”tortuosity” (AI based)

in vitro innate immune model

Induction of ROS production in human neutrophils in response to probiotic strains alone (left) and  pathogens of interest + probiotic strains (right)

  • Human neutrophils
  • Large set of readouts
  • ROS production
  • phagocytosis
  • chemotaxis
  • NET formation
  • protein expression (e.g. calprotectin)

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