Within the research area “Precision Medicine Technologies”, advanced technologies within our Core Labs and Services, on the one hand, and IT-driven approaches, on the other, strengthen the link between all CBmed projects. A special focus is therefore data integration and interactive knowledge discovery, based on the fact that biomarker discovery and validation result in a vast amount of heterogeneous, high-dimensional, weakly structured and complex data sets.

Cutting-edge technologies offer high quality analyses on a multi-platform level and a comprehensive approach to biomarker discovery combining the complementary advantages of targeted and untargeted methods. Multi-layered data from all of these technologies are produced by their repeated application in Cancer Research for Precision Medicine and Microbiome Research for Precision Medicine, producing a vast amount of data which is integrated in CBmed‘s inhouse IT-infrastructure, including, specialised biostatistical and bioinformatic analyses and interpretation.

Combining FUSION technology with digital biomarkers for a more comprehensive approach in biomarker research.

  • Combination of clinical and molecular phenotypes.
  • Data integration from different sources and multi-omics platforms.
  • Creation of synergistic value towards translational application and clinical decision support.
  • Semantically enriched structured patient profiles.

The clinical need for applicable biomarkers drives the combination of multi-omics platforms and clinical data.

Selected uniquely for each project and research question. Making precise and personalised use feasible towards patient care and cure.

Research projects

CBmed projects aim to develop easily applicable, targeted, minimally invasive biomarkers for better diagnosis, better therapy monitoring and a more personalized treatment of patients.

Scientific Lead Precision Medicine Technologies

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